Vegan Survival in Japan

Japan isn't as difficult as you think for vegans: it's much more difficult, especially in the inaka (countryside) and small towns and cities, or rather almost anywhere except Tokyo, Osaka and Kyoto. And unlike most countries, it gets harder the longer you're here, because you learn that more and more things that you thought were vegan actually aren't. There are hundreds or thousands of post about vegan food on the go in Japan, and for a reason: it's hard to know what's vegan, ingredients are never in English and most products contain ingredients which are or could be derived from animals.

Finding Food on the Go
This is my main article on survival in Japan. Sometimes there just isn't time to find a veg'n restaurant, or the nearest one is hundreds of kilometres away, so here's my bit on what to do at these times.

Coffee Shops in Japan
Sometimes you just want to a little respite from the heat or cold, or to catch up on some work or blogging, so coffee shops are the answer. It's slowly becoming easier to find soymilk, with Starbucks still the best bet.

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